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Our director, Adam Nyeholt, started his working life in Civil Engineering and while he was able to create a successful career in this industry, he always had a passion for property investing and property development. His analytical approach to investing has allowed him to build a successful property portfolio over a period of more than 20 years from the purchase of his first property.

Over this time he has ridden the highs and lows of the property investment journey. He has a desire to guide his clients along their journey avoiding the mistakes one can only learn from the experience of years of property investing.

He is an advocate for creating a financial freedom through property and using property investment as a vehicle to achieve the lifestyle that you choose.

Understanding that property investment needs to be viewed as a long term strategy, it’s important to select the correct properties in a portfolio with balance of cashflow and growth.

Adam uses his knowledge gained over the years to assist his clients in developing a sustainable portfolio. His experience and expertise has proven outstanding results assisting both home buyers and investors.

Adam Nyeholt

Director & Buyers Agent

Adam Nyeholt has more than 20 years of property investing and property development experience. He has successfully managed to turn his life long passion into his career.

Coming from a background in Civil Engineering, Adam has developed an analytical approach to investing which has allowed him to create a successful property portfolio.

Karin Nyeholt

Property Acquisition Specialist

Karin bought her first property at age 19 which started a journey of property renovation and flipping. Her years of property buying experience has given her an eye for detail and created a lifelong passion in all things property. Karin is our home buying specialist, she is extremely dedicated and listens to her clients needs when it comes to understanding what they are looking for in their dream home.

Her commitment to delivery an outstanding result for her clients is second to none.

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© copyright - Rise Property Buyers - 2023